Moose Alert!

Uncategorised • 11th Jun, 15 • 0


Moose are being sited in and around Estes Park more and more frequently each year. Some visitors have been lucky enough to spot a cow and her calf this week as they wonder around town which is very exciting. The lighter than normal color of our moose camouflages the young so that they disappear right into the local habitat.

While it is great to see moose making a comeback in Colorado I always remind our guests that it is important to remember that they are sometimes more aggressive than elk. A mother moose is particularly protective when she has a baby with her.  I was eager to get a picture of this pair but was also careful to stay well back. Usually when you see a moose in the park, rangers are close by educating people about the risk of getting too close. You can’t just walk up to them with your camera. Luckily I had a good lens and these pictures came out pretty well.

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